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Home of the Hornet Battalion


Thank you for visiting South Atlanta Highschool's JROTC website. JROTC is a cadet led program that implements achievement by offering resources, one on one help and a comfortable atmosphere for each student to develop and reach his or her full potential. South Atlanta JROTC implements strategies to achieve the following goals.

Goal 1: Discipline -

To increase the discipline within the battalion.

We as JROTC cadets feel as if discipline is a very important part of JROTC. This is one thing that helps hold JROTC together, and without discipline we do not have a respectable battalion. Over the next few months, we will be working extremely hard to make sure we achieve this goal.



Goal 2: Participation -

One of our most implemented goals is to increase student's involvement within JROTC programs as well as outside of school. We will make sure our cadets attend and get involved with activities involving our community and our school to better our school environment. We will let our cadets know that JROTC can be enjoyable in many different ways if they just participate and our battalion will exceed in this goal as well as our other goals. 

Goal 3 : Uniform -

As we guide the cadets into a habit of wearing their uniform properly we are also making a habit of presentable appearance as well as making them respectable young adults. By implementing these habits we are preparing them for the world outside of high school where their appearance and how they carry themselves determine their respect for themselves along with the respect for others.

Goal 4 : Star Unit Award -

Our goal is to be distinguished as a Silver Unit by earning at least an 85 on overall inspection. We as a battalion will make sure that this goal is greatly achieved. We like our battalion to be outstanding in every inspection we have. Each and every inspection will be accounted for and taken with care. We will make sure our battalion is represented well in becoming a Silver Unit. 


 JROTC's purpose is to allow students to meet their goals for success. The JROTC program is designed to teach high school students the value of citizenship, leadership, personal responsibility, accomplishment, while instilling in them teamwork, and self discipline. 

 SA Instructors

Luitenant Coronel: Kenneth D. Johnson, 

First Sergeant :  Dave O'garro

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